Tapioca Guarantee

Almost all of you have tried tapioca before. Some love it, few don’t. The reason Bubbletease tapioca is sooo good is because of our ingredients, our brewing process, and our strict freshness policy. We source high quality tapioca made from the root of the cassava plant. To ensure the right chewiness, we brew the tapioca for over an hour! Even with the long brewing time, we make a fresh batch every four hours to ensure freshness.

All of our products are tested throughout the year to ensure quality and safety. Our tapioca is PCB free, and will not cause any health problems.

Teasify Yourself

BubbleTease is embarking on a journey to redefine our signature bubbletease. Throughout the years, we have created many different drinks. Amidst the many flavour-centric drinks we have crafted, we did not continuously build upon our roots - our tea.

1$ Family Day Weekend

February is the month of love, history, and family. You just celebrated Valentine’s Day, possibly gorged up on chocolates and enjoyed a meal with that special someone. Indeed, February can’t get much better… can it?

2012 Here We Come

So it begins, a new year, resolutions renewed and created, a fresh new start. 2012 stands before us as an exciting year, let's kick it off with a great start!

Bubbletease is starting off 2012 right with the launch of a new line of food and drinks at our Café location. Daringly bold, exciting, and full of flavor, both our Teaspressos and sandwich line has something for the modern taste-lover.

Sorting Things Out!

To Our Beloved Customers,

We are working hard to sort out operation kinks at our Cafe location.
Since this is our flagship store of this kind, we are working hard to
perfect our menu selection, our recipes, and our new items.

Please bear with us as we improve our products and service across the
board. This is an exciting time for Bubbletease, and with all great
changes come lots of hard work. We will keep you posted about
everything we are working on and our progress towards becoming a
staple in your life.

Free Bubble Tea Day Recap

Our Free Bubble Tea Day at Café Bubbletease was a huge success, and it’s all thanks to our hardworking staff, dedicated volunteers, and especially everyone that came out to enjoy the freebies and support us. We’d like to thank everybody for making this event spectacularly successful and exciting. It’s the first event we have held at this size, and we gave away over 2000 drinks in one day!


Here’s a quick recap of the day:


Taiwanese Food Recall

Friends and tea-lovers,
You may have heard about the recent recalls being placed on certain bubble tea flavours. But do not fret! Here's what happened...
The recall was a Class 3 issue, which means "low or no risk" according to the Government of Canada. But just to be safe, we removed the alleged affected flavours for your protection and well being.

Free Bubbletea Day!

Get ready to brew some fun!

Free bubbletea day is coming to Heartland Town Centre, Mississauga on July 16.

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Tasty Chicken Skewers!

We are proud to bring yet another mouth watering dish to Café Bubbletease. Our new Satay Chicken Skewers are a delicious snack suited to accompany your favourite drink! Wholesome chicken chunks baked to perfection. Skinless, healthy, crispy, but still tender. House curry simmered and layered on. It's so good. We DARE you to try it.

Starry says:

Bubbletea is delicious, but do you know what goes into each of our cups of deliciousness? Rest assured, Bubbletease is proud to use wholesome, healthy, natural ingredients in each of our drinks. We offer a wide variety of drinks, each customizable to your own taste. Don't be afraid to ask us which drinks can help you reach your health goals!

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