Our History


Bubbletease was founded in Toronto, the Summer of 2000. Since the start, we have consistently maintained our position as a pioneer in the bubble tea market.

Our first Bubbletease store, was the first ever to introduce Bubble tea to mainstream Canadians in Canada. We were also the first to systemize recipe consistency and offer bubble tea as a quick service beverage.


Bubbletease became the first in the market to develop and introduce bubble tea slush. An innovative twist to the drink, which has since evolved to become a unique bubble tea staple of the Toronto drinks culture.


We were the first to introduce and use fresh fruit in bubble tea product lines. Within a year thereafter, Bubbletease became the first to introduce fresh tropical mango smoothie in the specialty drink industry. It has since become one of our most popular signature drinks today.


We were the first to introduce hot bubble tea using high performance espresso machines to brew our teas.


In 2013, we became the first to use premium quality loose tea leaves in Bubble Tea, unlike our competitors who rely on artificial flavouring to enhance their tea flavour.


Sixteen years later, we are proud to be the first again. The first in Canada to use all natural ingredients in our Bubble Tea.

First to offer a ‘Pure’ line

Pure is a range of products we are most proud of, but beyond that, Pure is a philosophy, a belief, and lifestyle at Bubbletease.

It is our commitment to delivering the highest quality ingredients, with no artificial flavourings, powders, or cheap additives to ensure quality and integrity in our products and services to our beloved customers.

Introducing Pure Tea, Pure Slush, and Pure Smoothies. Our range of beverages that deliver nothing but the purest the industry can offer.

Bubble Tease